Saturday, November 29, 2008


"Blood Clotter" (2008)

This 2-track EP started out as a collaboration idea between me and my friend Travers MacMaster (aka: Audio Organism and Reaudimator). The first track is the foundation track that I made. It has very dubby, ambient feel to it that has an undeniable brainwashing effect. I sent that track over to Travers, and he went to town on it, juicing it up with his own style and creativity. The 2nd track is the finished product. Pretty much 99% of the new sounds you will hear are from him! The only other things I added were the movie samples and a backwards hat.

To check out Traver's Reaudimator project, click HERE. To check out his Audio Organism project click HERE, or click HERE to download his free album "Finding a Balance" from the amazing netlabel Decisive Sound!

Track List:

1. Blood Clotter
2. Meet the Bloodclotters (Reaudimator VS Something Weird)

Bitrate: 320/250 kbps
Running Time: 12:42
File Size: 25.24 MB

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Copyright 2008


"Over What Rainbow? - An Electronic Dedication To Mort Garson" (2008)

The very first Something Weird EP is a dedication to one of my favorite musicians of all time: legendary 60's/70's Moog composer, Mort Garson! Mort Garson's extensive works included a psychedelic mental journey into the Land of Iz with Dorothy, the Scared Crow, The In Man and The Lyin' Coward to discover "where it's at" in the classic album "The Wozard of Iz", as well as an incense-and-opium-drenched celestial horoscope forecast in "The Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds", an instrumental electronic renedition of the 'Hair' soundtrack in "Electronic Hair Pieces", and even soothing Moog orchestrations to help your plants grow in "Mother Earth's Plantasia" (which was givien away with Serta mattresses in the late 60's). And that's just to name a few!

Most of Mort Garsons albums are hard to come by in stores or online, so if you want to check out his music check out Egg City Radio! Be sure to check out both part 1 and part 2 of their Mort Garson post. They have some of his best works tucked away.

All 4 of these tracks are Something Weird originals, and were simply inspired by his music. They are not covers of any of his songs. Also note these were digitally created.

I hope you enjoy it, and allow it to to take over your senses! :o)

Track list:

1. Garçon Garson
2. Over What Rainbow?
3. Click x 4
4. Ataraxia

Bitrate: 320 kbps
Running Time: 14:15
File Size: 31.6 MB

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Copyright 2008 David Totty