Saturday, February 28, 2009


"Zombie March" Sampler (2009)

Here you go, folks! This is a sampler of my forth-coming remix album, "The Zombie Marches". Here you will find the original track, as well as a remix from the extremely talented Audio Organism (aka: Travers MacMaster). These tracks sound a lot like something from a really trippy, avant-garde horror film score. I am really excitied for the album to be ready and to let you all hear it! In addition to the AO remix, it will contain remixes by The Re-Audimator, Sleep Clinic and Brundle Fly, as well as a remix from yours truly. Hope you enjoy these!

1. Zombie March
2. Zombie March (Fleshmix by Audio Organism)

Running Time: 5:41
Bitrate: 160/256 kbps
File Size: 9.33 MB

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Copyright 2009 David Totty

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