Saturday, December 12, 2009


"Ataraxia" EP (2010)

This is the second new EP that I am whipping out today! It is called "Ataraxia", and is by far some of my trippest, weirdest work to date! The title track is a slow and ambient chiller that sounds like you've been abducted by an alien, floating upwards through a beam of light, circling slowly underneath an ever-changing pattern of bright colors and shapes. And then it kicks into high gear and takes you straight to the examination table, where you are given a surgical implant directly into your brain!!

The second track is technically a remix, but is actually a continuation of the title track. You have successfully escaped the alien craft's laboratory, and the chase is ON! Time to high-tail it outta there quick!! Not a moment to spare, will you make it out alive??

1. Ataraxia (4:25)
2. Ataraxia REMIX (6:47)

zip file: 29.7 MB
bitrate: 320 kbps
folder contains full artwork

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©2010 David Totty



The Mantra Of Devi said...

Great one!

Something Weird said...

Thank you, Mantra, that means a lot to me!! :) Hope you have a great 2011!